A Myriad Blossoms

Break open a cherry tree
and there are no flowers,
but the spring breeze
brings forth myriad blossoms.

Ikkyu Sojun

Some kind of Rosaceae, but what kind? Cherry? If any one knows, do leave a comment. Else I’ll have to wait for the fruit.

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Up. Once I started snapping it was hard to stop…

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I like blue.

7 thoughts on “A Myriad Blossoms”

  1. I was in the Midwest over the weekend. Everything is popping color from all the hidden places.

    re: the question – perhaps its only ornamental and will bear no fruit?

    1. When Spring does come it is amazing.
      ré: the tree – I hadn’t thought of that. I’m counting on the fruit to solve the puzzle!

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