1. Introduction

It was Snuffles dog-biscuits. Another advertiser was making their pitch. A lovely building, modern and airy, light-filled rooms, the works.

The company president was there looking serious to show how important our account was. The designer was to show the campaign on an overhead projector – do you remember those?  –  and the cable was too short. Impatiently, the young president got up and tugged on it. His shoe caught on the shagpile and he pitched forward.

A man who can laugh when he’s covered in complimentary champagne and cream cakes is utterly irresistible.

I tell him that each anniversary. With champagne.

Canine introduction.

Queen Petra’s challenge. It doesn’t have to be a story. A photo, a drawing, a poem. Just create something for each word on the list.

Next up on the list: 2. Poison.

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