Round and Round

Spring had its moment of sunshine and mirth;

We witnessed the wonder of nature’s rebirth.

Summer was splendid, we laughed and we danced

In squares and on beaches from Finland to France.

For glorious Autumn did nature explode

In radiant colours: scarlet and gold.


Now the leaves have all fallen, the skies turned to gray,

We can hardly remember a bright summer’s day.

Spirits are drooping as nature grows stark,

Nighttime comes early, and morning is dark.

But be not despondent and winter will bring

Christmas and snowflakes, skating, and spring.

* * *

Julia’s 100 word challenge: “…and winter will bring…” Still  in the vein of Mother Goose-ishness, I went for a little rhyme.

Jake’s Sunday Challenge: City.

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I like blue.

28 thoughts on “Round and Round”

    1. Yes, the font on the story is much better to read now, though it seems to be different for each post.
      For some reason when I click on your user, it links to debraannelliott.blogspot rather than debragrayelliott, so I only found back via your gravatar. WordPress and blogger don’t really “go” together. I’m afraid.

    1. I tried to change it to the more classic ababcc, but that proved too difficult in the first verse, so I left it. So I’m glad you like it.
      Yes, it might be good with music, but I haven’t written music since high school, and maybe that’s just as well 😉

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