The Devil Is in the Details

It simply wasn’t fair! He fumed. The client base was growing. There was really only so much he could do with his small host of imps. Who mostly chased their own tails, anyway.

With the population explosion, he had counted on setting the damned souls to work. Now the Boss had vetoed it. It would be pernicious to their souls. They were the damned, dammit! But, apparently, the fine print foresaw ultimate salvation for all.

He didn’t know how he’d manage without computers. Next: a customizable operating system. He grinned. It would drive people mad! He’d simply be raking the souls in!

* * *

T. Mastgrave’s story challenge: Overworked and rundown.

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I like blue.

3 thoughts on “The Devil Is in the Details”

  1. Delft, this is a very interesting piece. Are you actually attempting to posit an ultimate salvation for all without the direct influence of infernal forces? Or was this a somewhat incidental addition? It presents a strong theological question.

    1. Ultimate salvation is one of the “details” I was thinking of. I think ultimately our poor devil will find himself co-opted into rehabilitation work. And won’t he fume and grumble when he finds out.

      My first inspiration was the poor devil who can’t keep up with his ever-growing workload, if that was your question. And then he doesn’t get the resources allocated…

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